Alaska to
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Willow, Alaska
61.76° N - 149.99° W
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June: Working on my Piper Super Cub making it ready for take-off on the 21st. Really excited to share this process with you! Watch my videos of the preliminary stages of Project OVERLAND with all its ups and downs until our epic start!
    Stop 1
    Point Barrow, Alaska
    71.38° N - 156.48° W
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    Finally - The most northern point of Alaska!

    June, 21st: It is such an incredible feeling and I am so honored to finally start this epic journey. All geared up, my Piper Super Cub is finally ready to go! The 1.5 years of preparation really paid off and I am happy to be able to share this with you!
      Stop 2
      Flat, Alaska
      62.45° N - 158.00° W
      Google Map

      Flying and paragliding through Alaska

      June, 26th: Flying low and slow – this is one of the greatest things possible with this plane! You can see all the scenery changes up close, when travelling south in Alaska. And I even got in a few really good paragliding sessions on our way down :).
        Stop 3
        Around Willow, Alaska
        61.76° N - 149.99° W
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        Mountainbiking meets bushplaning

        July, 11th: Meeting up with trialbiker Kenny Belaey and taking him on a tour into the middle of nowhere was an extra cool experience!! We biked and paraglided in the wilderness, trying and succeeding not to get in the way of the bears…
          Stop 4
          McCarthy, Mount Elias Wrangell’s National Park
          61.43° N - 142.92° W’
          Google Map

          Nature at its best

          Mid July: Big glaciers, crystal clear lakes, endless forests, all kinds of mountains, big rivers and a ton of bears – that’s McCarthy! And we love it!
            Stop 5
            Pemberton & Whistler, Canada
            50.11° N - 122.95° W
            Google Map

            Travel Recap

            Aug, 3rd: After semi-professionally fixing my exhaust pipe, I really enjoyed the magnificent hike & fly sessions over Pemberton and Whistler. I know I am repeating myself, BUT the terrain is so vast and magnificent! And the most exciting part: Canoe paddling with my beautiful wife :)).
              Stop 6
              Garden Valley, Idaho
              44.06° N - 115.95° W
              Google Map

              Back in the US!

              Aug, 8th: Back in the US! Airplane Camping in Idaho :). Camping is really a lot cooler with a plane! The temperatures are way too hot to do anything, but we still attempted to find the Hot Springs of the area (martial discussions included :) ). In Sun Valley I had THE BEST paragliding session of the year with my friend Gavin McClurg!
                Stop 7
                Telluride, Colorado
                37.94° N - 107.81° W
                Google Map

                All About Height

                Aug, 15th: Two days of travelling over the canyons of Idaho and the Great Lake of Utah. Again, new terrain, but completely different to the start of the journey! The most exciting part: Landing at 11,500ft density altitude and climbing Magdalena’s first 14,000ft peak – Wilson Peak (more about that in the next vlog).
                  Stop 8
                  Eureka, Nevada
                  39.51° N - 115.96° W
                  Google Map

                  The friendliest town on the loneliest street in Amerika

                  Aug, 22nd: It is usually a real challenge to reach the next town from the airfields, where we land. Unlike in Eureka, where we got picked up by the Sheriff himself and were chauffeured in a police car – what an experience!
                    Stop 9
                    Reno, Nevada
                    39.52° N - 119.81° W
                    Google Map

                    Meeting new Friends

                    Aug, 26th: We met up with Trent Palmer and JP “The Candourist”. Shooting YouTube Videos, paragliding, flying drones and camping together. Well, boys just wanna have fun ;))
                      Stop 10
                      Bishop, California
                      37.36° N - 118.39° W
                      Google Map

                      Climbing Mount Agassiz

                      Sep, 9th: Everything is so colossal in size in this area, even mere stones are basically truck sized! At the edge of Yosemite National Park, we spent a few days camping in a rented car before climbing Mount Agassiz. AAAND we shot a movie up there!
                        Stop 11
                        Santa Paula, California
                        34.35° N - 119.6° W
                        Google Map

                        We can smell the Ocean

                        Sep, 8th: We were surprised by a fancrowd at the airfield – amazing feeling! Moreover, we met the man with the BIGGEST car ever… no comparison to the cars in Europe…
                          Stop 12
                          Los Angeles, California
                          34.05° N - 118.24° W
                          Google Map

                          Hollywood Calling

                          Sep, 10th: What a contrast! Our small (but really cool) bushplane in world-famous Hollywood :). A really nice feeling to be on top of this huge city!
                            Stop 13
                            San Diego, California
                            32.71° N - 117.16° W
                            Google Map

                            Coming Home

                            Sep, 14th: This spring Paul spent three months in San Diego doing his Commercial Pilots License in preparation for our Project OVERLAND journey. Arriving here almost feels like coming home!
                              Stop 14
                              Cuixmala, Mexico
                              19.37° N - 105.00° W
                              Google Map

                              Crossing into Mexico

                              Sep, 25th: ¡ARRIBA! We made it quite far since our border crossing! In between flying the whole day, Magdalena and I do also like to enjoy some beers in the pool and chill at the beach :).
                                Stop 15
                                Colima, Mexico
                                19.12°N – 104.00° W
                                Google Map

                                Luxury on project Overland

                                Sep, 28th: The national press was already waiting for us! After some interviews we got an invitation to Mexico’s best hotel, Hacienda de San Antonio. What an experience – and after all the camping a real treat!
                                  Stop 16
                                  Valle de Bravo, Mexico
                                  19.19°N – 100.13° W
                                  Google Map

                                  Paragliding and Culture

                                  Oct, 4th: We were lucky to hit the town for its patron's day! A big party was going on and we were able to indulge in Mexican culture and see a lot of Mexican tradition.
                                    Stop 17
                                    Puerto Escondido, Mexico
                                    15.87°N – 97.07° W
                                    Google Map

                                    Surfer's hangout

                                    Oct, 8th: A real Mexican surfer town – barefoot all day, cocktails at night. We could not say no to that, but only for two nights :) !
                                      Stop 18
                                      Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala
                                      14.69°N – 91.20° W
                                      Google Map

                                      Hike and Fly the Volcano 3537m

                                      Oct, 11th: At the very last moment, I could find someone to show me the way to the top of Volcano de Atitlan. At 4am in the morning we started our hike and thankfully the sky was clear on top and I could launch.
                                        Stop 19
                                        Guatemala City, Guatemala
                                        14.63°N – 90.50° W
                                        Google Map

                                        Heavy Take-Off

                                        Oct, 13th: No take-off in IFR Conditions… After hours of waiting we could finally leave, but were super heavy with all the fuel for a 6-hours-flight. We almost had to fly between the Highrisers until gaining some altitude with our little plane. The tower on the radio repeatedly told us „Climb now!“, but we could only reply „We are already trying!“.
                                          Stop 20
                                          Liberia/Coco Beach, Costa Rica
                                          10.55°N – 85.70° W
                                          Google Map

                                          Rain, Rain, Rain

                                          Oct, 15th: It is rainy season in Central America and we were happy when we finally found a gap in the clouds to leave this place after too many days of sitting in the rain. Usually a travellers paradise, but with the plane it felt like a trap for us.
                                          Stop 21
                                          Punta Arenas, Costa Rica
                                          9.21°N – 83.33° W
                                          Google Map

                                          Pilots connect all around the world

                                          Oct, 18th: We got to know the General Aviation Community in Costa Rica. Many pilots came together for a Fly In Breakfast and we made new friends! Thank you Vuelos CR for having us!
                                            Stop 22
                                            Bocas del Toro, Panama
                                            9.41°N – 82.52° W
                                            Google Map

                                            Caribbean getaway

                                            Oct, 21st: We crossed Central America and finally arrived at the Caribbean Sea. The weather was still playing tough, but our hopes for a change for the better were high (but unfortunately not fulfilled).
                                              Stop 23
                                              Panama City, Panama
                                              8.98°N – 70.51° W
                                              Google Map

                                              Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

                                              Oct, 24th: Flying across the Panama Canal was great, but finding a good enough day to fly more than 5 hours to Cali was hard. Weather reports were showing nothing but clouds, rain and thunderstorms.
                                                Stop 24
                                                Cali, Columbia
                                                3.45°N – 76.53°W
                                                Google Map

                                                Classic Columbian Welcome

                                                Oct, 26th: Tough flight! We tried to get through the cloud layers, flying under the radar for 5h without any radio contact because of the high mountains. Customs, police, drug squad and immigration officers awaited us because we basically triggered an emergency code :)). Beautiful, vivid city with amazing food and music and a super friendly Supercup Aeroclub.
                                                  Stop 25
                                                  Guayaquil, Ecuador
                                                  2.17°S – 79.92°W
                                                  Google Map

                                                  Clouds and rain…

                                                  Oct, 31st: Still cloudy and rainy, but: We still cannot comprehend how far we came on our journey! We passed the equator!
                                                    Stop 26
                                                    Huanchaco, Peru
                                                    8.08°S – 79.08°W
                                                    Google Map

                                                    Surfing the big waves

                                                    Nov, 2nd: Our first stop in Peru at a world-famous surfspot. Maybe the waves are a slight bit too big for us… :) . Unfortunately, Magdalena fell ill for nearly a week.
                                                      Stop 27
                                                      Lima, Peru
                                                      12.2°S – 76.27°W
                                                      Google Map

                                                      Red Tape Insanity

                                                      Nov, 5th: Paragliding in Miraflores – there are so many gliders and so many rules and regulations… It took 45 minutes to fly from one end to the other of Lima – 12 mio inhabitants! The bureaucracy is insane here, it took us nearly 4h to get our papers sorted!
                                                        Stop 28
                                                        Nazca, Peru
                                                        14.83°S – 74.93°W
                                                        Google Map

                                                        Nazca Lines

                                                        Nov, 7th: We knew that flying over the lines with our own plane would be impossible – so many tourist agencies and the bureaucracy… But the flying community is always there to help and so we managed to get permission to fly just before sundown. Incredible!
                                                          Stop 29
                                                          Arequipa, Peru
                                                          16.40°S – 71.53°W
                                                          Google Map

                                                          Volcano El Misti

                                                          Nov, 9th: This is our second highest stop on this journey at 3000m surrounded by 600m volcanic mountains! The plan to stay and hike these volcanos got cancelled after our equipment was held back at customs. So instead, we did a hike into the Canyon de Colca.
                                                            Stop 30
                                                            Iquique, Chile
                                                            20.23°S – 70.13°W
                                                            Google Map

                                                            Paragliding Mecca

                                                            Nov, 13th: This is a really world-famous and amazing paragliding spot! First time on our journey that we met fellow Austrians – same humour, a lot of fun :)) ! But also a little bit of home sickness…
                                                              Stop 31
                                                              Atacama Desert, Chile
                                                              23.86°S – 69.13°W
                                                              Google Map

                                                              Extraterrestrial landscape

                                                              Nov, 18th: Usually we rent the cheapest cars – this time, trying to be super safe, we actually took an expensive 4x4. At one in the morning, we had to get picked up by the police because the car broke down at 5200m! Everyone had altitude sickness… The mechanic also could not start the car again, so we guess it is still up there. The landscape is surreal – like the moonscape! We used this stop to acclimatise for Acacongua.
                                                                Stop 32
                                                                Acacongua, Chile
                                                                22.47°S – 68.93°W
                                                                Google Map

                                                                Hardcore weather

                                                                Nov, 25th: Terrifyingly beautiful, but the weather was really testing us. Snow and storms en masse! Magdalena did reach 5050m, Paul got up to 6000m – and we will definitely be back!
                                                                  Stop 33
                                                                  Villarrica, Chile
                                                                  39.28°S – 72.23°W
                                                                  Google Map

                                                                  Just like home

                                                                  Dec, 13th: A complete change in vegetation, it was really green for the first time in a while. This reminded us of Europe a lot except for the impressive volcanos and beautiful lakes surrounding us.
                                                                    Stop 34
                                                                    Puerto Varas, Chile
                                                                    41.31°S – 72.98°W
                                                                    Google Map

                                                                    To new friends!

                                                                    Dec, 15th: WOW! We met a family that undertook the same flying adventure from Alaska to Chile but with two kids! At 4am we started our journey to Osorno to paraglide and view the magnificent snow-capped volcano there.
                                                                      Stop 35
                                                                      Coyhaique & Balamaceda, Chile
                                                                      45.90°S – 71.69°W
                                                                      Google Map

                                                                      Patagonian Tempest

                                                                      Dec, 17th: Fueling up the last time before crossing the border back to Argentina! Crossing the Andes was a view to behold – incredibly beautiful landscape. But also the first time we were confronted with the Patagonian winds…
                                                                        Stop 36
                                                                        El Calafate, Argentina
                                                                        50.33°S – 72.26°W
                                                                        Google Map

                                                                        Force of nature

                                                                        Dec, 18th: Having had calm flights until now, we were completely thrown around by the elements on this flight! Hardcore turbulences – Paul tried his best steering the plane and Magdalena was really scared! In addition, we received a complaint for crossing the border without announcing ourselves in advance.
                                                                          Stop 37
                                                                          Ushuaia, Argentina
                                                                          54.80°S – 68.30°W
                                                                          Google Map

                                                                          El fin del mundo!

                                                                          Dec, 19th: We made it!!! Amazing feeling to finally arrive here, even though we are not really at our final stop. We had to land at 35 knots, then raced through all the paperwork, refuelled and grabbed some food to go on our way to our ultimate destination.
                                                                            Stop 38
                                                                            Piedra Buena, Argentina
                                                                            49.98°S – 68.91°W
                                                                            Google Map

                                                                            Long Haul Flight

                                                                            Dec, 19th: After being in the air for 9h today, we fell into our beds incredibly tired. It still felt as if the wind was pushing and throwing us around even though we were lying down… Our journey today took us from Calafate to Ushuaia and back North to Piedra Buena.
                                                                              Stop 39
                                                                              Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina
                                                                              45.86°S – 67.48°W
                                                                              Google Map

                                                                              Sandwiches and Fuel

                                                                              Dec 20th: Early next morning, we are already on the go again trying to benefit from the tailwinds. Or at least not flying against headwind :) . With the help of some local pilots we got our hands on more fuel and they even managed to get us sandwiches for our flight – thanks so much Aviation Community!
                                                                              Stop 40
                                                                              Puerto Madryn, Argentina
                                                                              42.76°S – 65.03°W
                                                                              Google Map

                                                                              No whales for us

                                                                              Dec, 20th: It is whale season, but unfortunately we just do not have any time to spare. The weather and wind are about to turn nasty and we do not want to be caught up by it.
                                                                                Stop 41
                                                                                Santa Rosa, Argentina
                                                                                36.62°S – 64.29°W
                                                                                Google Map

                                                                                Last night

                                                                                Dec, 21st: It is our last night before finally arriving. Unbelievable, that we are only one more plane ride away from our final destination. A lot of happiness mixed with melancholy is what we are currently feeling…
                                                                                  Stop 42
                                                                                  La Cumbre, Argentina
                                                                                  31.89°S – 64.77°W
                                                                                  Google Map

                                                                                  Final destination!

                                                                                  Dec, 22nd: WE ARE FINALLY AT THE END OF OUR JOURNEY! So grateful! Incredible feeling! But first: Let's partyyyy!

                                                                                    My journey started in Alaska and took me over the mountain ranges of north and south America all the way to Patagonia. Project Overland was the ultimate flying adventure – in search for mountaineering, paragliding and travelling experiences along the way. My plane, a 1956 Piper Supercub, was built to land and take off almost anywhere I want – like mountaintops, valleys, beaches and jungles.

                                                                                    Start: Point Barrow, Alaska
                                                                                    Route: Pan American Highway, 17 countries
                                                                                    Distance: 18.000 km
                                                                                    Duration: 180 days
                                                                                    Finish: Ushuaia, Argentina

                                                                                    I bought my Piper Supercub in Spring 2016, before I had ever seen it in person. But we have built a very close relationship since then. The slow-flying Piper Supercub is a STOL (short take-off and landing) aircraft and is therefore often used as a bush plane. Spending almost 400 hours in the air together, we have already been to some incredible and remote places all over Alaska.
                                                                                    My airplanes special feature is called ‘Polar Bear tanks’ – located on the wings, these extra fuel tanks double my range.

                                                                                    Model: 1956 Piper Supercub PA-18-150
                                                                                    Seats: Pilot plus one
                                                                                    Performance: 150 hp
                                                                                    Weight: 420 kg
                                                                                    Speed: approx. 150 km/h
                                                                                    Range: 450km (+ extra tanks: 900km)
                                                                                    Stol: 61-91m

                                                                                    As a professional paragliding pilot and adventurer, I have participated in renowned extreme sports events including Red Bull X-Alps Adventure Race and Dolomitenmann. I am driven by my pioneering spirit and my passion for nature. Sports and continuously travelling the world encourages me to search for new adventures both in the air and on the ground. Project Overland was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It combined everything I love – flight, exploration and adventure.

                                                                                    Age: 34 years
                                                                                    Hometown: Hallein, Austria
                                                                                    Paragliding: since 2006
                                                                                    Airborne: since 2014

                                                                                    I want to say a big THANK YOU to my long-time partners SALEWA and Skywalk Paragliders who tirelessly supported me on this unprecedented adventure.

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