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My journey starts in Alaska and will take me over the mountain ranges of north and south America all the way to Patagonia. Project Overland is the ultimate flying adventure – in search for mountaineering, paragliding and traveling experiences along the way.
My plane – a 1956 Piper Supercub – is built to land and take off almost anywhere I want – like mountaintops, valleys, beaches and jungles.

Start: Point Barrow, Alaska
Route: Pan American Highway, 17 countries
Distance: 18.000 km
Duration: 180 days
Finish: Ushuaia, Argentina

I bought my Piper Supercub in Spring 2016, before I had ever seen it in person. But we have built a very close relationship since then. The slow-flying Piper Supercub is a STOL (short takeoff and landing) aircraft and is therefore often used as a bush plane. Spending almost 400 hours in the air together, we have already been to some incredible and remote places all over Alaska.
My airplanes special feature is called ‘Polar Bear tanks’ – located on the wings, these extra fuel tanks double my range.

Model: 1956 Piper Supercub PA-18-150
Seats: Pilot plus one
Performance: 150 hp
Weight: 420 kg
Speed: approx. 150 km/h
Range: 450km (+ extra tanks: 900km)
Stol: 61-91m

As a professional paragliding pilot and adventurer, I have participated in renowned extreme sports events including Red Bull X-Alps Adventure Race and Dolomitenmann. I am driven by my pioneering spirit and my passion for nature. Sports and continuously traveling the world encourages me to search for new adventures both in the air and on the ground. Project Overland is my dream journey, because it is the culmination of everything I love – flight, exploration, and adventure.

Age: 34 years
Hometown: Hallein, Austria
Paragliding: since 2006
Airborne: since 2014

I was able to convince my long time partners SALEWA and Skywalk Paragliders to join me on this unprecedented adventure.


Willow, Alaska
61° 46’ 5.99’’ N -149° 59’ 16.79’’ W
Google Map


June – Working on my Piper Super Cub making it ready for takeoff on the 21st. Really excited to share this process with you! Watch my videos of the preliminary stages of Project OVERLAND with all its ups and downs until our epic start!
    Stop 1
    Point Barrow, Alaska
    71° 23’ 15’’ N 156° 28’ 52’’ W
    Google Map

    Finally- The most northern point of Alaska!

    It is such an incredible feeling and I am so honored to finally start this epic journey. All geared up- my Piper Super Cub is finally ready to go! The 1,5 years of preparation really paid off- and I am happy to be able to share this with you!
      Stop 2
      Flat, Alaska
      62° 27’ 13’’ N 158° 0’ 27’’ W
      Google Map

      Flying and paragliding through Alaska

      Flying low and slow- this is one of the greatest things possible with this plane! You can see all the scenery changes up close when traveling south in Alaska. And I even got in a few really good paragliding sessions on our way down :).
        Stop 3
        Around Willow, Alaska
        61° 46’ 6’’ N 149° 59’ 16.8’’ W
        Google Map


        June, 11th – Meeting up with trialbiker Kenny Belaey and taking him on a tour into the middle of nowhere was an extra cool experience!! We biked and paraglided in the wilderness- trying and succeeding not to get in the way of the bears...
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